GRA – Tz is a registered international NGO in Musoma, Tanzania. We offer simple, natural and affordable solutions to the challenges of poverty, hunger and disease faced by communities in the Mara Region of Tanzania. Our main office is located in Musoma.

Our services include:

  • Reforestation projects (tree planting and hillside restoration) in the Mara Region including production of tree seedlings from two of our nurseries in Butiama and Utegi. Training on tree planting, agroforestry, and crops entrepreneurship. We work with communities, schools, health clinics, government offices and NGOs
  • Vital services for families caring for orphans in Musoma and Kinesi Village
  • Low-cost herbal remedies for the treatment and prevention of malaria and other diseases

Woman smiling holding Chinese cabbage.

Training families to grow organic food with Permaculture.

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Restoring forests throughout the Mara Region.

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