Alternative Cooking Technologies (ACT)

The Alternative Cooking Technology (ACT) department is located at the GRA – Tz office in Musoma Town. ACT promotes solar cooking, Jatropha use, solar lights and water filters. Solar cooking captures heat from the sun with simple technology. Jatropha is a plant that can be used for many things including a clean burning oil for kerosene lamps.

Solar Cooking Projects Activities:

  • Conducting solar trainings for the groups
  • Assembling of cookits
  • Painting/staining of cooking pots & lids
  • Making fireless cookers
  • Assembling of cookits
  • Providing cookits, fireless cookers, solar lights and water filters

Jatropha Project activities:

  • Extraction of Jatropha oil
  • Making of Jatropha soap
  • Selling of Jatropha oil

Solar Product List

  • Subsidized Solar Cookkit 5,000 Tsh.
  • Pots 5,000 Tsh.
  • Fireless Cooker 25,000 Tsh.
  • Solar Lights 20,000 Tsh.
  • Water Filters 25,000 Tsh.

Solar Workshops/training offered:

  • Introduction to solar cooking
  • How to cook by using sun rays (solar)
  • Demonstration of cooking different food by using solar


Lucy Ndege, Certified Anamed Herbalist,
Herbal Department Project Manager

Phone: +255 759 504 501 or +255 656 592 849

Woman working with alternative cooking technologies, rocket stove.

Experimenting with rocket stoves.

Group using Jatropha seed oil press.

Using a press to extract Jatropha seed oil.

Small lantern burning with Jatropha seed oil.

Clean burning Jatropha seed oil in a kerosene lantern.

Closeup of solar Cookkit with pot inside a plastic bage.

Solar Cookkit with pot.

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