Butiama Offices

Global Resource Alliance has a sub office in Butiama town. It’s a project office for Butiama Hillside Project. It is a facility that is rented for the project. Up to 7 staff are based and work from Butiama office. The Project Manager, Agroforestry Coordinator, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, Forestry Expert, field coordinator and 2 extensionists.

Address: Nyamswa Road, Masiringi Street – #3 Kitanga Hamlet-Butiama District, Mara Region, Tanzania

When you are at the Butiama down town, take your route to Nyamswa, after 200 miters there is a petrol station which you pass it up to 80 meters and you turn right on the rough road, then walk 5meters again turn left on a rough road. On your right you count residence house number 1 then the second house is the GRA- Butiama Office.

Butiama GRA Office

Butiama Offices Facility

Butiama Agroforestry Training Center

In Butiama GRA has a nursery and demonstration plot site (partners property-belongs to Mwitongo Lodge). It is a training center for agroforestry and forestry activities. It is a place where the project produces tree seedlings for distribution to the project participating farmers. The project also brings farmers’ groups to the demonstration plot to learn on various agroforestry activities.

Address: Butiama Agroforestry Training Center
Kiarano Bwawani, #7 – Butiama District, Mara Region, Tanzania

Butiama Reforestry Training Facility

Musoma Offices

Global Resource Alliance  is headquartered in Musoma, Tanzania on a compound facilitated by Mara’s regional government. Offices for Herbal, Alternative Cooking Technology (ACT) and Tumaini Kwa Watoto programs are located on this compound and are surrounded by a demonstration permaculture garden. We process all our herbal products on site.

Address: GRA – TZ, PO Box 721
Musoma, Rorya District, Mara Region, Tanzania
Located next to Musoma Dairy.

Take the taxi to Kotra Market – a gas station / minimarket about 20 minutes by foot or 5 minutes by bicycle from downtown Musoma on the main road – Nyerere Rd. going towards Mwanza.

Across the road from Kotra is Musoma Dairy. Turn right (away from Kotra Market). Continue in the same direction on the same side of the road as Musoma Dairy for about 75 meters until you reach a small dirt road. Go up the dirt road about 100 meters. The first gate you come to (on your left) is the GRA office. There will be a guard on duty who will let you in. PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL.

GRA - Tz Gate Sign

Sign above the gate to GRA – Tz Musoma Offices

Orphans program participants weekly gathering at Musoma Office.

Orphans program participants weekly gathering at Musoma Office.

Kinesi Village Permaculture Training Center

The Kinesi Village Permaculture Training Center is an international permaculture training site. We have over 10 hectors under development that feed thirty-five families enrolled in the Kinesi Village Orphans Program. Central to the site is a five bedroom compressed-earth block home where staff and volunteers live, and program participants gather for member meetings and trainings in permaculture, herbals and ACT.

Address: Kinesi Permaculture Training Center
Kinesi Village, Rorya District, Mara Region, Tanzania

Gathering of people outside the Kinesi Village Permaculture Training Center

Kinesi Village Permaculture Training Center

Divvying up the harvest at the Kinesi Center.

Chinese cabbage and sweet potato harvest.

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