Our Great Staff

Global Resource Alliance has the greatest staff on earth.  We value each one of our staff members knowing they are very loving and caring taking care of nearly 200 orphans, growing 100,000 trees a year as part of our reforestation of Tanzania, teaching villagers about permaculture and home economics, providing water to the orphanages, schools, hospitals, and churches, and less fortunate villages, and also supplying herbal medicines and training.   Our staff is our most valuable resource.  Some of our staff grew up in our orphanage program. We are very proud of our staff’s dedication and willingness to give to others.  Our GRA staff members are listed below but we also have a great group of volunteers that support us.   Many villagers and volunteers from around the world enable us to do our jobs.  Visit our volunteer page if you would like to assist us in any of our teams.


[our-team group=”executive_team”]

Financial Team

[our-team group=”financial_team”]

Herbal Team

[our-team group=”herbal_team”]

Maji Mengi Team

[our-team group=”maji_mengi_team”]

Kinesi Forestry and Permaculture Team

[our-team group=”kinesi_f_and_p_team”]

Orphan and Vulnerable Children Care Team

[our-team group=”orphan_care_team”]

Security Team

[our-team group=”security_team”]

General Support Team

[our-team group=”support_team”]

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