Orphans & Vulnerable Children Services

Orphans & Vulnerable Children Services

To sponsor a child, contact us by email.

GRA – Tz operates two separate orphan support programs with one in Musoma Town and one in Kinesi Village for families caring for orphans and vulnerable children.

Tumaini Kwa Watoto Project (Musoma Town) and Kinesi Orphans Project (Kinesi Village)

Our Tumaini and Kinesi Orphan Projects provide four types of services to the families enrolled in the program they consist of:


We provide natural heath supplements and remedies to children and their guardians, as well as reimbursement for medical attention from a dispensary or hospital. We insist upon and support guardians to care for the child or children in their care.

    Educational Support

    Primary & Secondary School: The program provides school contributions, exercise books, pen, pencils, school uniforms, shoes and school bags for primary and secondary school students. We also offer tutorial classes for primary students and paying for remedial classes for secondary students. We offer bicycles for secondary students who are staying far from school so to reach at school on time.

    Vocational Training: The young adults enrolled in the program are eligible to receive scholarships to the vocational training of their choice. Those who complete vocation training are usually supported after completing the course. Such as when a child completes a tailoring course she/he is awarded a sewing machine so as to start practicing what she/he studied.

    College / Higher Education: The program provides the tuition fee for those who are in colleges and universities, Also the program offers laptops to those who are in universities pursuing a bachelor degree.

    Nutritional Support
    Primary kids who are in Tumaini Project in Musoma receive maize and beans every month for themselves and their guardians. We also provide nutritional herbal food supplements like our “superfood” powder derived from moringa oleifera and other healthful plants.

    Secondary kids who are in the program receive food support at school so as to help solve the absenteeism problem, encouraging them to attend school for food.

    Basic Home Requirements

    We distribute mattresses, bed sheets and mosquito nets for each child. This support is provided depending on the condition of the home. Also some of the children in the Tumaini Project are receiving house rent. For hygiene we distribute soap for each child in the program.

      Criteria for selecting children to join the program:

      • The child(ren) should be an orphan and or vulnerable
      • The vulnerable children should live with either a single parent (particularly mother) or guardian
      • The child should receive support from no other organization
      • The Ten Cell Leader should confirm the name of the respective child either as an orphan or vulnerable.
      • The process of identification of children should involve the community leader eg. Ten Cell Leaders.
      • The guardian should submit to regular home visits by the Program Coordinator

      Current number of students supported and number on waiting list:

      • Primary school:  12 children
      • Secondary school: 29 children
      • Vocational training: 11 children
      • Institution/higher education: 21 children
      • Number of children waiting to join college : 6 children

      To apply contact:

      Tumaini kwa Watoto Orphans Project

      Martha Gwanamba – Orphans Program Coordinator
      Email: martha.g@globalresourcealliance.org / gwanambamartha@gmail.com
      Phone: +255 764 273 669

      Kinesi Orphans Project

      Elizabeth January – Orphans Program Coordinator
      Email:  elizabeth.b@globalresourcealliance.org / elizabethbugidu@gmail.com
      Phone: +255 767 349 841

      To sponsor a child, contact us by email.

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