Orphans & Vulnerable Children Services

GRA – Tz operates two orphans support programs in Musoma Town and Kinesi Village for families caring for orphans and vulnerable children.

Tumaini Kwa Watoto – Musoma Town Orphans Program

Tumaini provides four types of services to the families enrolled in the program:

1.    Healthcare
We provide natural heath supplements and remedies to children and their guardians, as well as reimbursement for medical attention from a dispensary or hospital. We insist upon and support guardians to care for the child or children in their care.

2.    Educational Support

Primary & Secondary School: The program provides school tuition, uniforms, shoes and school bags for child in primary and secondary school.

Vocational Training/Other Institution: The young adults enrolled in Tumaini are eligible to receive scholarships to the vocational or college institution of their choice. Those that complete vocation training are awarded the equipment and tools necessary for their respective trades.

3.    Nutritional support
Primary and secondary age children receive maize and beans every month for their entire family. We also provide nutritional herbal food supplements like our “super food” powder derived from Moringa olifera and other healthful plants.

4.    Basic Home Requirements
We distribute mattresses, bed sheet and mosquito nets for each child. This support is provided depending on the condition of the home.

Kinesi Village Orphans Program

Similar heathcare, education, nutrition and home services are available to children and guardians enrolled in the Kinesi program. Many of the individuals participating in this program are responsible for the design and maintenance of the gardens at the Kinesi Village Permaculture Training Center where they grow food for thirty-five families enrolled in the orphans program.

In addition to participation in the permaculture activities at the training center, families enrolled in this program are eligible to receive support and supplies including tools, trees and seeds, to create gardens at their homes.

Criteria for selecting children to join the program:

  • The child(ren) should be an orphan and or vulnerable
  • The vulnerable children should live with either a single parent (particularly mother) or guardian
  • The child should receive support from no other organization
  • The Ten Cell Leader should confirm the name of the respective child either is an orphan or vulnerable.
  • The process of identification of children should involve the community leader eg. Ten Cell Leader.
  • Submit to regular home visits by the Program Co-ordinator

Current number supported and number on waiting list:

  • Primary school:  40 children
  • Secondary school: 42 children
  • Vocational training: 8 children
  • Institution/higher education: 2 children
  • Number of children waiting: 108 children

To apply contact:

Martha Gwanamba, Tumaini kwa Watoto Orphans Program Coordinator
Email:  martha.g@globalresourcealliance.org
Phone: +255 764 273 669

To sponsor a child, contact us by email.

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