Rural Water Supply

Woman carrying a bucket of water.

Maji Mengi

GRA – Tz offers a full range of borehole drilling and pump installation services to communities and institutions in the Mara Region.

Services and Cost

GRA– Tz offers the following services:

  • Geophysical Site Surveys
  • Drilling
  • Borehole development
  • Casing
  • Pumping Test
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Pump Installation
  • Borehole Disinfection
  • Borehole Rehabilitation

Please contact the Maji Mengi Project Coordinator for an estimate. As an International NGO, GRA – Tz is able to offer low prices and excellent terms.  We care about making life better in the Mara Region by providing access to safe, clean water.


COMMUNITY BOREHOLES: These are boreholes owned and maintained by a community.

INSTITUTIONAL BOREHOLES: These are church, school, government and organizational boreholes.

We support all clients to form a water users committee responsible for maintenance, protection and use of the borehole, and to insure its long-term sustainability.

Pump Repair

GRA – Tz provides a one year warranty on all BluePumps it installs. Beyond that, we offer pump repair on pumps which we have installed for a low flat rate.



Madaraka Nyerere, Executive Director
Phone: +255 755 570 795

Maji Mengi drilling rig drilling a borehole at a school.

Maji Mengi Drilling Rig

BluePump Hand Pump

Boreholes are usually equipped with the Dutch-made BluePump hand pump, designed specifically for rural African conditions, and made to last 15-20 years with regular, light maintenance.  High yielding boreholes can be equipped with submersible pumps at the client’s discretion.

BluePump Hand Pump

BluePump Hand Pump

Primary Water Boreholes

We drill hard-rock boreholes to tap clean, protected and abundant sources of water trapped in the fractures and fissures of the bedrock below.   The average GRA-Tz borehole is about 50 meters deep.

Map of geo-hydrolic activity around fault lines in Tanzania.


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